Chatham has a proud legacy that includes growing undergraduate enrollment, routine recognition as among the best universities in the world for sustainability, awards as a “Voter Friendly Campus” for our student civic engagement, and continually high job placement rates for our graduates. Thank you for your support of Chatham 学生, which has helped us achieve these milestones. Make a gift to continue to support Chatham University and our 学生 today! 



May 30 is Chatham's annual Day of Giving! The Chatham community is once again coming together to support the 学生, 教师, 学者, and campus spaces that make Chatham such a special place to learn, 生活, 和工作. Use the hashtag #CDoG to help us spread the word.

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Two 学生 walk into a historic mansion on 足球波胆平台

Cornerstone Giving Initiative

足球波胆平台 is one of Pittsburgh’s most beautiful, memorable, and historic locations. To better support our beloved campus and undergraduate growth, President Phillips has launched The Cornerstone Giving Initiative, which focuses on four giving areas: building renewal, athletics and recreation, the campus arboretum, and historic preservation. Your support of Cornerstone ensures we can make the words of our beloved alma mater as true today as they were when written: “Like cornerstones of temples, polished and gleaming, strong, and secure. We pledge our 生活s to be mansions of beauty to endure.”

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支持 Expendable 奖学金

支持 a student through their four years at Chatham by creating a named, expendable scholarship. Expendable scholarships provide an invaluable source of immediate financial support for our 学生. You’ll receive an update annually on the student who benefitted from your generosity. 每年承诺2美元,500 a year for four years creates a named expendable scholarship and  supports one student through the entirety of their education. Set up a recurring annual scholarship payment using our secure online giving form or contact Dana DePasquale at 412-365-1517 or   

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Large green-leafed trees line Chatham University's academic quad in Shadyside while 学生 walk to class.


This donor report recognizes everyone who has generously contributed to Chatham between July 1, 2021年和6月30日, 2022. Our success is made possible because of you—our donors—and we are deeply grateful for your commitment to sustain the legacy and mission of Chatham.

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Create Your Legacy: Planned Giving

传统的礼物, such as documented bequests, 慈善年金, and retirement account beneficiary designations, provide the 基金会 of support for Chatham’s future. Proper planning can help you and your family tailor a plan to meet your goals, secure your family’s future, and build your legacy at Chatham. 参观我们的捐赠计划 网站 or call our office at 412-365-1349 to learn more about strategies that will best meet your needs and also support Chatham.

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Chatham University leverages expertise from our 教师, 学生, and centers to support the needs and priorities of our corporate, 基金会, 以及政府合作伙伴. If you are interested in learning more about engagement opportunities with Chatham University, please contact us at 412-365-1383 or visit our site to learn more.

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